Hinenui Genetics


Hinenui Genetics Coopworths were originally a branch of the Pakowhai Flock, which was a foundation flock that started performance recording in the early 1950’s. An extensive amount of these Genetics were responsible for establishing Coopworth flocks throughout  NZ.

The Romney flock was taken on when Hinenui Genetics purchased Makaretu Station in Rere, Gisborne in July 2014.

Makaretu Romneys have been using the SIL recording program and also have been testing for Facial Eczema for 30+ years.


‘Breeding eczema tolerant sheep with high production’.


Hinenui Genetics thrive towards breeding a ewe that consistently performs in her own life time and lifts production for her progeny through genetic gain. This is achieved by no shepherding at lambing, nil drenching of ewes and no special treatment through high FE challenges.


Hinenui is medium to steep hill country, with approximately 10% easy to flat land. Hinenui enjoys relatively mild winters but is prone to extreme dry summers. Rainfall: 900mm.