Hinenui Genetics


Hinenui Genetics is a family run Company based in Gisborne, breeding Coopworth, Romney,  RomWorth and Shedding Rams. 

There are two properties that farm the recorded flocks. One at Ngatapa (30km North-West of Gisborne) and the other 15 minutes away in Rere (40km North-West of Gisborne).  

The Hinenui Coopworth Stud has been running since the 1970’s, it was sourced from a branch of the initial Pakowhai Flock, and is one of the original Coopworth Studs in the country, responsible for much of the original establishment of the Coopworth breed in New Zealand.  

An opportunity arose in 2014 to purchase Makaretu Station which also included a recorded, FE tolerant Romney flock in Rere and this was added to the Hinenui Genetics operation. 

In 2019 Hinenui Genetics acquired the Puketauru Coopworth Stud off the Abraham Family from fielding.  

Hinenui and Puketauru Coopworth ewes had a strong genetic link as we had been swapping rams between the studs for more than 20 years. 

Hinenui Genetics first started DNA testing the Coopworth Flock in 2002 to track parentage, which now also includes the Puketauru, Romney and Shedder flocks. All lambs are DNA tested at docking ensuring accurate pedigree tracking. The DNA data is also used for 5k & 50k analysis, which help strengthen the accuracy of the data for the sheep. 

Our Coopworth Flock had been Facial Eczema testing since 1984 and the Romney flock since 1986. Each year we apply for FE Gold status, which we have gained every year since its establishment in 2010. 

The FE Gold brand was developed to protect the continuous effort that Ram breeders have made towards FE tolerance. There is a strict criteria and there are only a select number of ram breeders who are members of the FE Gold group – which breed elite FE tolerant rams. 

The criteria for FE Gold status includes: 

Hinenui Genetics records seven different traits through the SIL (Sheep Improvement Ltd) system.  

These include;  


Hinenui Genetics thrive towards breeding a ewe that consistently performs in her own life time and lifts production for her progeny through genetic gain. This is achieved by no shepherding at lambing, nil drenching of ewes and no special treatment through high FE challenges.


Both Hinenui and Makaretu are medium to steep hill country, with approximately 10% easy to flat land. Hinenui enjoys relatively mild winters but is prone to extreme dry summers. Rainfall at Hinenui 900mm. Makaretu – 1200mm